Late Night TV Making a Difference

John Oliver is a good man. At least his show is. I like almost better than The Daily Show. The dynamic is diferent and the topics of course aren’t the same.

This is where I learned about Civil Forfeiture. So check out this blogpost talking about how Late Night TV is Making a Difference.

You think it is?

The Idle Archer

Very few comedians are able to educate their audience solely “in service of a joke” as well as John Oliver and the team at Last Week Tonight. In November Tech News reported on a study conducted by the University of Delaware regarding satire news shows. This study, like many others before it, demonstrates that satire news programs, like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Last Week Tonight, inform their viewers better than traditional news media.

Last Week Tonight uses a slightly different formula than other satire news shows. Each episode begins with a brief summary of last week’s news before highlighting an important current issue. This segment takes up a significant part of the show, and has inspired what Time called the “John Oliver Effect”. Time listed the changes made on several issues after they were highlighted on the show. It’s a pretty…

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