First Amendment Test at Joint Base Elmendorf–Richardson – Alaska

The silent treatment videos by Bunny Boots Ink are some of the best out there to show the incompetence of police officers of all ranks and all types. This is no exception.

Gotta love the power of silence.

I give this dude credit for having balls of steel. Facing a whole circle of armed thugs and he doesn’t mutter one word. That’s calling the 5th amendment!

Unlike many of the other “cop watchers” and “cop blockers” out there, he politely ignores all requests for identification and engagement and continues to record.

From a legal standpoint, the military police doesn’t even have jurisdiction outside of the base. And all the other cops also can’t do shit about this because he hasn’t broken any laws. I wish they’d get with the program.

You’ll see all the classic retaliatory tactics in this one, like the I-will-photograph-you-too move, to the classic 9/11 threat.

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