1st Amendment Test on the FAA (part 2)

This is one of my favorite ones. Bunny Boots Ink keeps the security guards and cops at the FAA at bay by doing one of the classic Silent Treatment videos.

Notice how the guard can’t help himself, he keeps talking, and talking…

Some people commented on the guard and say:

This guard is rambling nonsensically like he’s on drugs…

I’d agree. The guard seems to be drunk or high on something because he just can’t help himself. It’s comical.

Then this comment is very true:

“You’re a strange dude.” hahaha, says the guy who carries on a weirdo monologue with himself!

Look at his smug face around 14:30 and watch how he thinks he’s got it by asking: “Is that your ride?” Implying that the cops are going to take him but his reaction is priceless.

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