First Amendment Audit – Rochester

A person tests the first amendment at a federal building. The cops can’t seem to learn that they can’t question you just because they feel like it.

This guy talked a little more than necessary, but still kept his cool and won. With today’s twitchy, trigger happy cops, I’m glad he didn’t get shot.

This is a four part series, here is part 1:

Here is part 2.

Remember kids, “Am I being detained?” or “Am I being suspected of a crime?” and “I don’t answer any questions” should be the only words out of your mouth.

Part 3 is grainy and doesn’t add much to the whole situation, but that’s here:

Part 4, the search for identification continues. They continue trying to find the person’s id just because they want.

Notice one of the intimidation methods used by the bald cop, when the person says that he’s going to request a public records order to get the footage… He says “you’re going to go through a lot of steps for that…”


Police officers involved: Officer T. Kissell (badge: ??), Hofferman (sp?) #1606 – It was hard to hear but if you caught the name and badges, please leave them in the comments.

video by OCB.

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