So Where Are The “Good Cops”

If you look back at the history of the blog, you’ll notice that I stopped posting for a while. I felt that there was enough coverage of police abuse, police misconduct and down right police brutality.

But with more recent and more notorious events coming up all the time, I think it’s necessary that I get back on this.

Just browsing through the mainstream media, you’ll find all kinds of people that apologize for cops. They say that “it’s just a few bad cops,” that there are only a few “bad apples” but most cops are good and well intentioned.

But my question to those people is this: Where are those cops when their partners and buddies are shooting innocent, unarmed civilians due to minor, victimless crimes. Where are the “good cops” denouncing the bad ones? There aren’t any.

They are all bad cops because they work together to cover up for their friends. The more I research these issues, the more I realize that the cops are just pawns playing the game of the DAs, judges, and other higher-ups, but they’re all in on it. For every one cop that shoots innocent civilians there are hundreds working to cover up for him.

THAT NEEDS TO STOP. I’m calling you out: Good cop. It’s time for you to stand up for what’s right, for the oath you swore to uphold, to protect us and to serve us. If you don’t, you are just as bad as the one that pulls the trigger.

This is a systemic problem and I fear for my life, I fear for my family, I fear for my neighbors when I see their kids of color play out in the streets. Just waiting for a cop on a power trip to come by, shoot, murder and slaughter them for no fucking reason.

So I’m back. Hopefully to share with you videos and stories of what’s really going on. The numbers may be small, relatively speaking. But 1 unjustified shooting, 1 act of police brutality, 1 innocent kid murdered, even one is one too many. What ever happened to our fucking human rights, what ever happened to our constitutional guarantees?

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3 thoughts on “So Where Are The “Good Cops”

      1. And many ‘good cops’ leave the police force of their own volition, because they don’t want to be involved with something like that. So, we are left with the bad & corrupt cops, waiting for that pension in 20 years time.

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