Gunman’s “Manifesto” Calls it Necessary

A reaction to this article:

I don’t advocate violence, from anybody towards anybody. It never solves anything.

Especially in situations like we are facing today, violence is the last thing we should use. In this case, with the gunman in Baton Rouge that killed several officers, it’s going to backfire.

His intentions might have been good, but unfortunately this will only excascerbate things.

“I see my actions as a necessary evil that I do not wish to partake in, nor do I enjoy partaking in, but must partake in, in order to create substantial change within America’s police force, and judicial system.”

The only thing that will result from his attack will be to have the police escalate their own “need to protect” the public. This will result in more taxpayers’ money being spent on military grade equipment for the cops, which will then need to be used to justify that expenditure.

Guess who they’re going to use this equipment on? The very people that this idiot was trying to help.

I have a feeling that everything is coming to a point and we are on the verge of a civil war or some sort of major revolution. It’s up to us to make it peaceful or violent.

I don’t like law enforcement. I believe that most cops (if not all), have deep rooted personal issues that lead them to become cops. They were bullied in school, or they have a low self esteem, or they feel like they don’t have much control over their lives so they have to try to control others’. Why else would you work in law enforcement? To enforce unjust laws? To police victimless crimes?

I honestly believe that the few cops that join the force to truly help their community, either get corrupted by the system as they discover how it works, or leave to pursue other avenues to help their community.

We need to find ways to modify police behavior, but shooting them is not going to bring the change we all desire. It’s only going to make things worse. What this idiot did was justify cops’ violent and trigger-happy actions putting civilized discourse in the back seat.

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