Gunman’s “Manifesto” Calls it Necessary

A reaction to this article: I don’t advocate violence, from anybody towards anybody. It never solves anything. Especially in situations like we are facing today, violence is the last thing we should use. In this case, with the gunman in Baton Rouge that killed several officers, it’s going to backfire. His intentions might have been… Read More Gunman’s “Manifesto” Calls it Necessary

Bill Cosby burned by hypocrisy of “pound cake” speech in latest legal disaster, Disney statue removed

Originally posted on New Pittsburgh Courier:
Source: Spencer Platt / Getty A U.S. district judge used Bill Cosby’s 2004 “Pound Cake” speech, which took Black parents to task for failing to properly raise their kids, as grounds for unsealing a damaging deposition, reports The Washington Post. Judge Eduardo C. Robreno said the speech, and Cosby’s…