Don’t Talk To Police

A couple of videos explaining why you Don’t Talk To The Police.

Video 1

Ex- Criminal District Attorney and Law professor: James Joseph Duane, explains why you simply “Don’t talk to Police.”

There is no way talking to the police will ever help you according to this video. And this is exactly what explains why our 5th Amendment is so important and it is important you know why.

And it’s equally important to know when and how to use it.

Some people refer to this guy as “The Real Life Saul Goodman.” — Good one.

And the best part about it is that you also get to hear from a cop that explains his side of things. You won’t believe some of the claims he makes.

“Everything you say to a cop can and will be used against you in a court of law!” — Read that again and then tell me why you want to talk to the cops so badly.

Video 1

Video 2

Another law enforcement officer telling you the same thing. Don’t Talk To Police!

Video 3

Craig Atkinson, an attorney in Idaho explains why you never talk to the police! The reason that you don’t talk to the police without your attorney’s advice is that our system (in the US) is built as an adversarial system of justice.

Watch and you’ll see why that’s just totally unfair.

Video 4

Here’s another video that can’t emphasize it enough. Don’t Talk To The Police!

His perspective is interesting because it shows how we have been trained by watching TV. We think that’s how it works with police.

The reality is that you don’t know how to answer questions and will always be at a disadvantage!

Video 5

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